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Get the booty you’ve always wanted


.                         If you’re looking to tone your legs, get a flatter stomach and build a better booty, then this class is for you! Our Brazilian Booty Camp focuses on lower body and core exercises using bands, ankle weights and your own body weight. No cardio.

This is a popular class in Brazil and it’s being successful in the States as well. Different than anything else you’ve seen before. The Booty Camp uses different movements to activate your glutes from every single angle possible, allowing you to get a more rounded defined booty.

This Brazilian booty class will shape, lift, and firm your booty like no other workout!

Class Trainer


Tato is a former professional soccer player from Brazil. When an injury kept him from...


Class Information

Price: $65
When: Monday - 5pm
When: Tuesday - 8am
When: Wednesday - 7pm
When: Thursday - 12pm
When: Friday - 8am
When: Monday - Saturday